Parents! I will be your partner in this journey to help your kids succeed in their academic career!

My kids’ success

The success of my wonderful children and their amazing, awe-inspiring journey will be available on my website. Everything you could possibly need to teach your children. Make them focus more, to give their best in everything is definitely on my YouTube channel. It is absolutely free!

YouTube channel link:    YouTube

If you do not watch YouTube, you could always look on my website here. I post videos and practice worksheets with topics that are all free. On the other hand, if you choose to go on YouTube, then all you need to do is subscribe to my channel and follow me.  This is how you will never miss any new topics. Your kids will get bonus practice of the subject. It will definitely help them to clear any doubt they have about any 11+ topic.

Younger kids from the age of 3 will learn to read with phonics sound video tutorials. The practice worksheets will help them to write.  Older kids aged 10 to 11 will get to learn all the topics for the grammar entrance test with the practice worksheet.

The channel will help them to make some fun crafts during the holidays. It will give tips for the exam as well.

Whenever we will be adding new topics (like Science subjects), we will add presentations and experiments to help them understand the subjects clearly.

For younger kids, we are going to add fun activities and crafts (as well as topic-related videos) to help them and make the topics interesting.

Our aim is to teach kids with no money and to make them independent when it comes to studies without any external help from tutors who charge a lot of money.

So, there is no need to worry about your kids anymore we bringing everything free. We will just ask you to support us by liking and subscribing to our YouTube channel and spread the word about us to help other kids to get free education without spending money and wasting time.

Support us by liking and subscribing our channel!